Workshop on the Colonial History of Namibia

Prior to this workshop, which took place on 11 November 2019, grade 11 learners dealt with two different texts on Namibia's colonial history. The first text was an excerpt of the book “Journal of Namibian Studies” by Andreas Eckl, Matthias Häußler and Jekura Kavari. The second text came from the book “The Witbooi” by Ludwig Helbich and Werner Hillebrecht.
On the occasion of this three-hour workshop, the DHPS invited the author and historian Dr. Matthias Häußler, who first gave the learners an introduction of himself and the topic. The learners were then grouped into teams of four. Within the working groups, learners presented the two texts to each other and discussed them afterwards. Then they drew up a catalogue of questions, theses and comments on the texts.
The results of the individual groups were presented on posters and put up on a pinboard.
After all learners had gathered again, Mr Häußler selected some questions and answered them. In between, the audience also had the opportunity to ask questions.
The workshop with Mr Häußler impressively elucidated the author's knowledge and objective view of the Namibian colonial history. Of course, this did not wrap up the topic, since too many questions remained unanswered. We therefore would look forward to another visit by Dr Matthias Häußler.

Article: Alina Scharnow, 11b
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