Who stole the pudding? School detectives investigate.

Last week a pudding was "stolen” at the DHPS. Of course, the children of the DHPS Child and Youth Centre (ChiYouCe) sorely missed their beloved dessert and immediately started the search using a number of detective skills they had learned: Taking and comparing fingerprints, evaluating surveillance camera shots, casting footprints in plaster, conquering obstacle courses and investigating in teamwork, sending Morse signals, deciphering cryptography and secret codes. Of course we had detective ID cards, a case report with suspects was put up on the board, traces and a periscope. And obviously all detectives learnt the knot trick for arresting criminals.

Another highlight of the week was an exclusive trip to the High Court of Windhoek, including a visit to Judge Liebenberg. The children could ask questions and the judge took enough time to answer them honestly and in detail: “Why did you choose this profession and what do you like about it? How do we deal with injustice as children?” These are only two examples of the numerous questions the children asked. Then they were even allowed to take a look into the prison cells and luckily could come out again.

After all traces had been secured and sufficient evidence collected, the case about the missing pudding could finally be solved: An ChiYouCe-employee had a bring-and-share barbecue for her birthday. But the intern did not have enough money to buy a pudding. An accomplice from the administration helped her to “steal” the pudding from the kitchen and revealed crucial clues. This was the - of course fictitious - event that the children “investigated”.

Finally, the topic of theft and the consequences were discussed: Because honesty is always the better option and nobody gets hurt. Difficulties can be straightened out again and you can apologise. The educators brought the children ice cream to compensate the missing pudding.

Looking back, the holiday programme was great fun for everyone. Many thanks to all participants and all who supported us.
We are already looking forward to the next exciting holiday programmes at the DHPS Child and Youth Centre.


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