Trip down Memory Lane: Time Capsule opened at DHPS

On Monday, 5 November 2018, the excitingly awaited unveiling of the 65-year-old secret took place at the DHPS:

In 1953, the time capsule, a copper-plated housing, was walled in during the inauguration of the boys' hostel, which was completed at that time and is now the Teicherthaus. The copper housing was already discovered in 2015 during the restructuring work, but then it was forgotten for another 3 years.

The capsule was opened by Ms Heilke Daun, Chairlady of the Deutscher Schulverein Windhoek (1949) and DHPS Principal, Ms Kristin Eichholz in the garden of the DHPS boarding school in the presence of Mr Karl Stigler (DHPS Head of Administration), Mr Niko Brückner (Building Officer of the Board) and Mr Jörg Rapp (Head of the History Department).
In addition to a copy of the opening speech of the school principal at that time, Mr Wolf, the capsule contained various daily news-papers in several languages, annual reports of the school association on almost four decades, stamps, a tin can with coins and banknotes from that time and an envelope with numerous labelled photos, documenting both, the construction process and the inauguration ceremony. All objects contained in the time capsule will be archived for the time being and exhibited on the school grounds at a later date.

In the next academic year, the time capsule will also be part of a seminar project of the grade 10 history lessons, in which learners will deal intensively with the history of their own school.

(Report: Jörg Rapp)


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