Together we are strong: KiGa-Holiday programme

The holiday programme in May 2019 was under the motto “Together we are strong”. In addition to new words and expressions, we learned new sport games, experiments and many creative skills.

Our toothpaste experiment has shown us that it is not so easy to take back words once we have said them. It is like squeezing out the toothpaste and trying to get it back into the tube – which almost never works.

We also paid a visit to the large gym on the DHPS main campus and got to know many activity games in the spirit of community and cohesion.

Our "Cuddly Toy Day" was all about terms like friendship, care, consideration, sharing, kindness and helpfulness. The children had a close experience of what it means to take responsibility for what is important to them by organising a nice day in the kindergarten for their cuddly toy.

The children learned many new terms during the two weeks and dealt with words such as love, solidarity, being friendly or loving, rules, consideration and care. We also talked about what it means to compliment others, and now educators and children enjoy compliments every day, such as "You look beautiful today" or "I like you a lot".

We can proudly say: “Together we are strong and everything is more fun”


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