The Festival of Lights in DHPS kindergarten

Great celebrations at the DHPS kindergarten:
After a whole week of preparation for the Festival of Lights and diligent rehearsals, everyone prepared for their big show with the self-made lanterns.

Shortly before sunset, all enjoyed the food they had brought with them and relaxed around the campfire.
The storm lights around the sports field were lit and when the music started to play, the children performed the dances they had rehearsed before.

The evening culminated in three circles with brightly lit coloured lanterns and the children’s lantern-walk song. After a successful Festival of Lights on the sports field, we said goodbye to the children and their parents.

Thank you to all parents for the food they brought along, the janitorial department for the smooth assembly and dismantling and to all educators and children for the preparation.

(Report: Sylvie Weyer)


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