Team players, courageous individuals: DHPS bids farewell to its 2019 Abitur graduates

On Friday, 01 November 2019, the DHPS bid farewell to 44 Abitur graduates, who are entering a new phase of their lives. This not only marked the end of the young people's school career, but, above all, the beginning of unlimited opportunities with a bilingual and globally recognised graduation certificate, the Deutsches Internationales Abitur (DIA-German International Abitur).

Once again this year, the Abitur learners put in special effort to reach this milestone: The young adults really can be proud of an overall average of 2.27, with 18 reaching a 1 before the decimal point and two finishing with a 1.0.
This definitely fills the school community with pride, as was demonstrated at the awarding of the Abitur certificates on 01 November 2019. Not only the awards for outstanding achievements in the (foreign) languages, natural and social sciences, sports as well as in the artistic field, testify the diversity of these young people, but above all, the special prizes for extraordinary social commitment and versatility impressed the community - a heartfelt thank you to Pupkewitz Toyota, Deloitte & Touche, Luisen Pharmacy, the German Embassy in Windhoek, the Deutscher Kulturrat in Namibia (German Cultural Council in Namibia), the Deutscher Schulverein Windohek (1949), Förderverein deutscher Auslandsschulen zu Hamburg (the Association of German Schools Abroad in Hamburg) and all other award donors and sponsors.

DHPS principal, Kristin Eichholz also looked back proudly on the "Class of 2019” and expressed her wishes, which were specially tailored as a reflection for the young people of this grade.
“Keep your team spirit that you have shown during the Abitur, in crises and in times of joy and become part of success stories, projects and ideas. Preserve and appreciate your individuality, the uniqueness that each of you brings with you. Have the courage to realise your dreams and place your passions in the centre of your lives," said Eichholz in her closing speech.

These young people will certainly achieve great things; at least the future plans of the DHPS alumni sound very promising and we wish you all the best for your studies and education - whether in (veterinary) medicine, communications, social sciences and speech therapy in Germany or for au pair stays and cow-girl time-out in Texas.
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