SRC elections at the DHPS

On Tuesday, 27 March 2019, 15 DHPS learners from grades 9 and 10 were particularly nervous, because they all were nominated potential SRC (Students’ representative council) members.

First, they tried to win the votes of grade 5 to 8 learners with their speeches, which they afterwards repeated for the high-school audience, trying to convince the older learners - even including their own classmates.

On the next day already, the six new SRC-members were announced: We congratulate Temwani Bruhns, Jessica Rösemann, Kaylissa Hein, Pendapala Shikwambi, Konstantin Schindler and Kevin Theodore.

The new members will spend a team-building weekend with the acting SRC members, to get to know each other better and determine the positions such as head boy and head girl, treasurer and secretary.

Report: Lisa Machleidt, DHPresS
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