Speech competition 2017: DHPS learner Illka José Maria wins 1st prize

For the six learners who had the chance to participate in this year's Goethe Institute speech competition, 16 September was a special experience, since they had the opportunity to demonstrate the German language skills they acquired so far. Further there was the possibility to enhance their linguistic and regional knowledge in the high way game. And of course, learners found new acquaintances and friends from other schools across the country.

At the end of the day the participants were awarded great prizes. All of our learners have achieved good to excellent ratings, but Illka José Maria (11a) jumped up into the air with joy when she won one of the coveted awards: a air ticket to Germany. Illka will spend 4 weeks in Germany in 2018 and get to know the country, whose language she learned so committedly.

The following places were awarded:

Grade 7: Kayla Ponja - 3rd place
Grade 8: Pendapala Shikwambi - 5th place
Grade 9: Shakira Joas - 3rd place
Grade 10: Refilwe Masaka - 8th place
Hilton Swartbooi - 3rd place
Grade 11: Illka E.X. José Maria - 1st place

Congratulations - you make us proud!

(Text: Marion Krooß)

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