School starts for First graders - DHPS welcomes 87 New Learners in 2019

In the popular story about the “Little Hungry Caterpillar" a hungry caterpillar eats everything in its way and finally turns into a beautiful butterfly. This story was slightly modified for the enrolment ceremony of the new grade 1 DHPS-learners: Inquisitively, the caterpillar devours letters and numbers - including the whole alphabet - until it turns into a colourful, clever butterfly.

Just like the caterpillar, the 87 new school beginners, who celebrated their first day at school with great excitement and anticipation, were filled with curiosity about new things and knowledge. Equipped with bright school cones and accom-panied by equally excited parents, siblings, grandparents and godparents, they gathered in the school auditorium and enthusiastically followed the programme.

DHPS principal Ms Kristin Eichholz and the head of the primary section, Ms Conni Hecht, warmly welcomed the new learners - the DHPS graduates of 2030!
Grade 3 learners introduced the little newcomers to the school anthem and Grade 2 learners presented the letters A, E, I,O and U by means of two songs.

Finally, the long-awaited class allocation was announced and the new learners were introduced to the respective class teachers: Ms Svea Oestlund, Ms Martina Horn, Ms Valerie van Zyl and Ms Verena Smith and of course to their class-mates.

Following the DHPS tradition, the oldest learners, the grade twelves, then took the youngest by the hand and accompa-nied them to their classroom at the Kreutzberger building.

We are happy that our school is finally complete again and wish all our first-graders a great start and a wonderful school career. We are convinced that one day they will also become beautiful and smart butterflies.

Welcome to the graduate class of 2030!


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