School Olympiad 2018: Festive closing ceremony of a successful sports event

What a week! When 300 teenagers and teachers from 6 schools spend 5 days together, packed with sporting excitement and top performances, touching moments within and across teams and simply great fun together, this certainly was a successful event.
And this is what the 17th Sports Olympiad of German Schools in Southern Africa at the DHPS (Deutsche Höhere Privatschule) was for sure.

The DHPS school community - in particular the sports department, but also all teachers, helpers and host families - have presented a professional Sports Olympiad that “sets a high benchmark for future events", as Thomas Bachmeier, Principal of the German School in Johannesburg stated. His school will be the next host of the Olympiad in 2020.

Gripping moments, broken records and especially new friendships - in addition to the social interaction, which always stood in the foreground, there was a healthy competitive spirit.
We are proud of Nicole Redecker (DHPS Windhoek) who was chosen “Victrix ludorum“ (best female athlete) of the 17th Sports Olympiad and congratulate her and Maximilian Preusse (Deutsche Schule Pretoria) who was awarded the "Victor ludorum” (best sportsman).
The DHPS Windhoek also won the trophy for the best swimming performance.
Deutsche Schule Kapstadt (DSK) Cape Town stepped up the podium for the best performance in ballgames and athletics.

Once more, we would like to thank all athletes, teachers, school managements, parents, helpers and sponsors. Without all of you such an event would not have been possible and the team efforts of the past days were extraordinary. THANK YOU!


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