School Olympiad 2018: Ball games with enthusiastic fans and great support

On 19 September 2018, the 3rd day of competitions as part of the 17th Sports Olympiad of German Schools in Southern Africa, the ball games sparked off the next round.

On the multi-sports field, the grass court as well as the brand-new gym of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) spectators were excited and cheered to support their own team, but also of the other teams of German schools from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Hermannsburg, in their thrilling soccer, volleyball, handball and basketball matches.

Fairness and the team spirit were also in the foreground during the ballgames - especially after the great, touching atmosphere at the end of the second completion day at the Independence Stadium, which revealed the deeper meaning of this sporting event: participate, give your utmost and have fun with your new friends.


Especially the basketball players of the DHPS eagerly awaited the games and their “competitors” who had become their friends in the meantime. The German schools from Cape Town and Johannesburg were considered “the most feared opponents”. The results of the boys´ basketball games will be announced on the fourth day of competitions.
The basketball games of the girls will take place on Thursday, 20.09., the fourth day of the competitions. We are waiting for the outcome in anticipation.


The boys had several very exciting volleyball games, spurred on by the enthusiastic screams of the fans from the stands.
The German school in Pretoria’s boys won most of the games, followed by Cape Town. DHPS took third place.

The girls´ results will also be announced on the last day of the competitions.


Also our soccer girls could not complain about a lack of support from the side lines. Supporters from the kindergarten to the DHPS Abitur classes joined their teams and motivated the players with thunderous applause and fan chants.
Unfortunately, the DHPS soccer girls only came second, while Pretoria (DSP) took first place, and the Cape Townians (DSK) ended third.
The boys will have their soccer matches on Thursday, 20/09.


The spectators were offered fast games and exciting passes on the multi court.
Unfortunately, the DHPS boys could not make it to the podium and the handball players of the German School Pretoria emerged as clear winners, followed by Cape Town and the German School of Johannesburg.
The DHPS handball girls will have their match on the last day of competition, 20/09. We keep our fingers crossed!


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