Sophisticated Questions on Current Political Issues: Prof. Dr. Lammert at the DHPS

Prof. Dr Norbert Lammert introduced himself to grade 10 and 11 classes of the DHPS, smilingly admitting that he had expected the time after his term in office as the President of the German Bundestag to be more relaxed, but as the Chairman of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, he is of course not granted this break.

As part of the social studies course at the DHPS, learners were selected to participate in a discussion with the high-ranking politician on 31 October 2018. The round of talks was part of Lammert's second visit to the DHPS, after he had gained a comprehensive insight of the school premises and events in 2015 and also obtained detailed information about the special features, successes and challenges of a German school abroad through inter-views and exchanges with learners, school management and the board of directors.

Prior to the visit, the learners freely designed questions that covered current international political events at a high standard. Whether it was on Lammert's assessment of Bolsonaro's victory in the presidential election in Brazil, the motivation of voters in Germany, Angela Merkel's withdrawal as party leader and her potential successor, China's influence in Africa or how the integration of refugees in Europe can be effectively managed - the learners’ questions were extremely diverse and demanding and Lammert provided comprehensive answers, assessments and trends.

At the end, DHPS teacher Petra Wojcik, the head of the social studies courses turned the tables and Prof Lammert asked the high school learners, who discussed well-founded insights and interesting assumptions regarding Namibian politics.

We would like to thank the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Namibia and country director, Mr Thomas Keller, for organising this visit of their chairman to the DHPS as part of the foundation’s 30th anniversary.


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