Première: A Namibian Christmas Tale

Do you know why a warthog holds its tail up like an antenna?
One day, the animals made their way to baby Jesus. However, the warthog was only allowed to join them under one condition: it had to stay in the background because it was too ugly and could frighten baby Jesus. However, things turned out very differently. Baby Jesus insisted on seeing the warthog. The warthog was so happy that it was seen and loved despite its ugliness. From that day on, all warthogs carry their tails upright like an antenna.

On 7 and 13 November 2019, classes 2d and 2c staged the Namibian Christmas tale “Das Jesuskind und das Warzenschwein” (Baby Jesus and the Warthog) during their Christmas function. The author, Almut Heddenhausen, personally attended the performance of class 2c and could watch how her story was transformed into a small play.

(Text: Nadia Roxin)


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