New DHPS gym officially opened!

For almost a year, the campus life of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) centred on the extensive gym renovations. Yesterday (9 April 2018), the completed gym was officially handed over to the school management during the opening ceremony.
The reconstruction project was funded by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany with 1, 2 million Euros (approximately 17 million Namibian Dollars). What emerged is the most modern gym in Namibia.

The reconstruction work included an extension of about 9 metres and ceiling elevation of about 1.5 metres, a secured spectator area, additional material storage for sports equipment, two partitioning curtains and integrated fixtures for sports equipment (basketball baskets, climbing walls, etc.). The sanitary facilities were completely renovated, while the electrical and technical equipment, safety glass and the floors were replaced.
Particularly important for the DHPS as an inclusive school of encounter: the gym itself, the spectator stands, dressing rooms and sanitary facilities grant barrier-free accessibility.

‘The gym is the classroom in which every single learner is taught to move, have fun and develop his or her personality in addition to athletic ability. Even our kindergarten and pre-school kids play and frolic about in the gym. In the lessons and in our afternoon extra-mural offer, we try to convey the sense and fun of lifelong engagement in sports to all our learners. For this reason, each single Dollar and Euro spent for the renovation of our gym is a significant and sustainable investment in the future of this country and the young people. Our special thanks for this, of course goes to the Foreign Office”, DHPS Principal, Kristin Eichholz said.

German Ambassador Christian Schlaga also praised the new gym as an investment in the future of Namibia: to be effective for itself but also as a lighthouse in the region, Namibia needs a well educated young generation in body and mind.

In September 2018, the Sports Olympiad of the German Schools Abroad in Southern Africa will be held. The DHPS is now perfectly equipped for this event.


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