May holiday-programme in Pre-school

Baking, snacking, sporting activities and cinema atmosphere

After two relaxing weeks of holiday, we took off with this year's holiday programme at the pre-school.
Many contented, happy children participated in numerous activities: For example, the pre-school was turned into a bakery and the wonderful, delicious aroma tempted the children to nibble. They had loads of fun with producing and processing the dough. In addition to delicious biscuits, professional donuts were baked, decorated with colourful beads, and devoured instantly.
On the next day, sports coordination training was scheduled at the sports premises with all children and educators. Holistic exercises were offered in a playful way to fight all the biscuits of the previous day. All could prove their skills in a self-designed activity-course and let off steam. In addition to winning the balancing- and slalom exercises, the children also beat the educators in the stilt walking competition. Even in the popular wheel-barrow race, the children could not be defeated. Playfully, the learners had the opportunity to improve their hand-eye-coordination and body perception.
After all the fun and exercise, it was time to grant the children some relaxation: Together with the kindergarten groups, cinema-feeling was generated at the DHPS-auditorium and all enjoyed the movie ‘Das Grüffelokind”. Unfortunately the auditorium has not yet been equipped with a popcorn machine; therefore the children had to do without the sweet treat. This did not affect the great spirit. Big and small had great fun and a wonderful cinema experience.
Because in pre-school, in addition to a balanced daily routine, emphasis needs to be placed on promotion of various skills and abilities of the children, the pre-schoolers also engaged in crafting activities: They made lovely, colourful butterflies and gorgeous lady birds.
In addition there was a hockey tournament and rather inedible salt dough was made for kneading - which did not prevent the children from nibbling. Fortunately a little dough was left, which was then processed creatively.
The holiday programme was a great success. All attending children had a lot of fun and have enjoyed the time at the pre-school without lesson units.


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