High standard orations: Kurt-Böhme-Speech Competition 2017

At the Kurt-Böhme Speech Competition, held on 23 September 2017, once again a diversity of discerning, imaginative, humorous speeches peppered with interesting arguments, were delivered. The audience and jury had the privilege of listening to excellent speeches. The participants, the top-orators of their respective school (DSSW, PSS and DHPS), faced a renowned panel of jurors, comprising Ms Koepp-Schlaga (spouse of the German Ambassador), Ms Naita Hishono (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Namibia), Mr Stoevesand (Head of the Goethe Institute) and Ms Barbara Liebel (DAAD lecturer), as well as their audience including learners, parents and teachers.

In the first session four Grade 9 learners (juniors) held talks on the topics of Drivers’ license at 16? or Does social commitment pay off?
The seniors’ (grade 11 learners) first challenge was to convince the jury with their prepared speech on topics of Technology 2.0 - Are we overdoing it?, School - what are we actually doing here? or Populism - the end of democracy? and afterwards had to deliverer an unprepared speech on a topic, which was completely unfamiliar to them.

It was not an easy task for the jury to determine the winner. Eventually they decided on the following ranking. In addition to their cash prizes from the AGDS, winners were awarded a book by the German Embassy and also received an invitation to the gala event of Projekt Lilie, where the winning speeches will be delivered once again.

Ranking juniors
1. Lea Hoffmann (DHPS): Drivers’ license at 16?
2. Dunja Louw (PSS): Does social commitment pay off?
3. Meike Mackensen (DHPS): Drivers’ license at 16?
4. Nicolai Hilbert (PSS): Drivers’ license at 16?

Ranking seniors
1. Uetu Kuzatjike (DOSW): School- what are we actually doing here?
2. Florian Hecht (DHPS): Technology 2.0. - Are we driving it too far?
3. Mayke Ewald (DHPS): Technology 2.0. - Are we driving it too far?
4. Jonathan Ulrich (PSS): Populism - the end of democracy?
5. Marco Kersten (DOSW): Populism - the end of democracy?

The moderators Malik Balogun (DHPS) and Carina Isenberg (DHPS), who presented the programme in an exceptionally humorous way, as well as the singing interlude and poetry-slam by DHPS learner Vivienne Kaninas, made the visit at the speech competition worthwhile for the audience.
This year's speeches demonstrated the high level at which the German Language is promoted at the participating schools in Namibia.
(Text: Marion Krooß)


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