KiGa-Spring Festival: Well, and who are you?

I am me ... and YOU are YOU

The story of "Das Kleine Ich bin Ich” ("Little I am Me") was the topic of this year's spring festival at the DHPS kindergarten on 30 September 2017.

All children were actively involved in the preparations - either in creating the costumes or by learning their songs. On the big morning, each of our smallest kids contributed their part of the performance to create the perfect big picture.

Of course, initially there was an “I”, which did not exactly know who and what it actually was. After the musical introduction with the song “Bin das kleine Ich bin Ich”, the “I” went to search for itself. On this journey it met many animals, which looked similar in a way, but still were different. It asked the frogs, the horses, the cows, the sheep and goats, the dogs, the parrots, the hippos and the fishes - but no one really had an answer. It also did not help to have a closer and longer look at some of the animals. The "I” became tired and lied down to sleep - and to think. The “I” then realised, that it did not matter what anyone looks like: you do not have to be like all the others, the only important thing is: I am I and YOU are YOU.

After their successful and impressive performance all children from the kindergarten of course received the well-deserved applause from the parents and guests. This was a great reward for the children, as reflected in the bright, laughing and proud faces.
Afterwards there were games and fun - to match the story.

And of course conversation time was important - and this is best done with a small snack from a great buffet!
Another highlight was our auction: The generous proceeds will be used to re-design our premises and purchase toys for the kids.
Without all kinds of support of our sponsors and the active participation of the parents and educators, this festival would not have taken place.

A heartfelt thanks to all the participants and sponsors!

Fam. Raith (Hotel Heinitzburg)
Ruben Häring (Metallbau)
Fam. Hess (Holzbau Hess)
Fam. Voigts (Wecke & Voigts and Superspar)
Fam. Schnaitmann (Namrocks and Sentratek)
Fam. Krumnow (Hotel Roof of Africa)


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