Successful Methods Day for Grades 1-4

This year's methods day of grades 1-4 was held on 7 February and especially the grade 3 learners eagerly awaited the day, because they eventually could start writing with their fountain pen. On this day, all learners get the opportunity to broaden their method skills and develop their social behaviour within their own class and their course group.

Together with their class mates and teacher, grade 1 learners discover useful tricks for their everyday school life. They learn to organise their workplace, jot down their homework correctly and pack a healthy lunch box.

Also the grade 2's looked forward to their day with their class teachers. They deepened their skills on designing their exercise book properly, practising presentations and they also enhanced their partner work methods.
In addition, concentration and relaxation exercises, as well as team building games were offered in all Grade 1 and 2 classes. Meetings were held to obtain an overview of the children’s impressions which were then noted down on a feedback-tree.

All Grade 3 and 4 classes were mixed and divided into 4 groups, which changed courses after each double period.
Grade 3 learners deepened their method skills in presentations and group works, trained to read accurately and eventually acquired their long-awaited fountain-pen licence. Children played games to get to know each other in the mixed groups. In grade 4, courses on cooperative learning in a group puzzle, looking up words in a dictionary and the 5-step reading method were offered. Concentration and relaxation exercises were also part of the courses.

At the end there was more feedback, which was captured on a target. The closer the learners put dots to the centre of the target sign, the more they enjoyed it.

A great thank you goes to all grade 1-4 teachers, for their commitment with the organisation, in particular, Carina Schumacher, 3a class teacher, for structuring and coordinating the methods day.


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