Golden and Silver "Lilie” Awards for DHPS

Dedication, competence, high educational quality, openness, responsibility - these are just a few of the characteristics, which are expected from teachers at an excellent school.
We are therefore particularly enthused about having exactly those teachers at the DHPS and are very proud of Carola von Blottnitz and Monika Trossbach, who, due to these and many other qualities, were awarded the golden and silver "Lilie” 2017 respectively.

And the awards were well-deserved indeed:
  • Ms von Blottnitz (golden "Lilie") is a teacher at the DHPS since 2005 and as the head of the junior secondary section of the English grade 5-9 classes, she plays an important part in the school management in her role as the pedagogical head of “encounter". Promotion of inclusion and integration in our school community, as well as organisation of nation-wide teacher seminars are close to her heart and this reflects the high personal commitment, which makes her a real mole model for DHPS learners and colleagues alike.
  • Monika Trossbach (silver "Lilie”) is a "learning teacher” who is extremely engaged with advanced training methods at the DHPS. Besides coordinating regional training offers, she devotedly supported her learners in academic learning processes. Her open educational partnership with the parents and great commitment, which also consumed her private time, deserve special mention here.

We are delighted, proud and thankful for the energy and expertise,which these teachers contribute, thereby promoting and enriching our school.
The entire DHPS school community herewith extends its sincere congratulations.
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