DHPS- Kindergarten Spring Festival

On Saturday, 28 September 2019, it was finally time for the spring festival of the DHPS kindergarten! From morning until noon, big and small visitors came to the kindergarten grounds to test their skills at the activity stalls, nibble sweets and health snacks or visit the grade 11s, who catered for their culinary needs.
The kids romped around on the sports course; there was something for everyone: from walking on stilts, crawling through a tunnel, testing the new scooter to practising long jumps.
They could also demonstrate their target safety in mini golf and can throw. The little ones enjoyed knocking the cans over deliberately, while the bigger ones competed in who could toss over the most cans.
In the treasure hunt, the kids had to dig deep into the sandpit to find marbles. The effort paid off, because the kids were allowed to keep the marbles they found.
The children crafted spring crowns at the creativity stall and proudly wore them on their way home.
It was a new experience for the kids to visit the stalls themselves and simply pay with the rubber bands their parents had purchased in advance.
This was a great festival in a relaxed atmosphere that fulfilled all expectations.

(Report: Brigitte Cramer)


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