“DHPS in motion": Colourful DHPS Bazaar 2017

Radiating children's eyes, a relaxed get-together, lots of fun for big and small and a day full of motion and entertainment in a great atmosphere: The DHPS bazaar 2017 on 18 August once again was a huge success.

Whether it was at one of the diverse game stalls from can throwing, ketty shooting to "boating” or on the climbing wall, where climbers reached incredible heights, or had the wind blowing in their faces on the merry-go-round - the multifaceted programme catered for everyone's taste.

Speaking of taste: hungry visitors feasted from one stall to the next - steaks, potato pancakes and pizza, to corn dogs and the popular cake paradise - everything was considered in the wide-ranging culinary offer.

Especially the teenage visitors clearly enjoyed the opportunity to continue celebrating in the evening and attended the school disco under the motto of "Coachella” in large numbers.

Even some DHPS alumni scheduled their class reunion on the day of the bazaar, to once again experience the great flair at the DHPS campus and to enjoy the evening in the stylish ambience of the Novum-Bar.

Also Principal Kristin Eichholz was delighted about this - somewhat different - school day under its special topic: “The motto of this year's bazaar is DHPS in motion. And the fact, that there is a lot of movement at the DHPS, not only the construction of the new gym but also in the school community, can be experienced here."

The great commitment and wonderful cooperation of the entire school community facilitated great celebrations, games and enjoyment for our visitors.
Thank you to all learners, parents, teachers, employees, helpers and visitors who once again enabled a successful, moving day at the DHPS.
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