DHPS goes windows

A very effective way of learning a language is to actively speak it to extend the vocabulary by everyday language use. Language proficiency becomes particularly sustainable when regular opportunities for language application are created. This is the theoretical background.

Thomas Wegener, coordinator for German and German as a foreign language (DaF) at the DHPS put this theory to practice at the DHPS by initiating the "DHPS window". All Grade 7 - 11 DaF learners keep an eye on global affairs and compile political and economic news, provide an insight into worldwide weather conditions and inform about events at the DHPS or latest gossip of the tabloid press.

On the one hand, the concept motivates learners to use the German language actively, while on the other hand it provides information on world happenings right on the DHPS school grounds.

An example of the DHPS window is available here:

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