DHPS Careers & Alumni Day: Alumni gain new momentum

For a long time, the DHPS Alumni Association (ASV) seemed quiet to the outside - but this is now to be changed. The Careers & Alumni Day was the kick-off event for new ideas and was held on 26/09/2016 at the DHPS. Former learners were invited to re-turn to their old school and actively participate in the school activities.

18 experts - mostly DHPS alumni - who work in the field of medicine, economy and tourism, aviation, brewery, foreign affairs or military service, delivered talks during the afternoon on the Careers Day. In different workshops, today's grade 9 to 11 learners were acquainted with careers and study opportu-nities, could gain insights into the alumni's current occupations, activities and their scope of work.
Afterwards, invited guests gathered for a reception to the 110th anniversary of DHPS together with the Alumni Association. “We are proud that so many alumni introduced their professions during our annual Careers day and took their time for interaction with today's learners", Carola Risser, Chairlady of the ASV said. “This interaction was also in focus of the anniversary sundowner and we always enjoy these get-togethers”.

Not only were the old times revived in an attractive setting and festive atmosphere, but there were also discussions about current events - especially with regard to the presentation of the short film "Baxu & the Giants" on the same evening.
In cooperation with the Namibian Scientific Society (NSS) and the Namibia Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS), the DHPS Alumni Association initiated a high-profile event and was delighted by the large audience when the story about rhino poaching through the eyes of nine-year-old Baxu was screened. Not only the organisers, but also the visitors were impressed with the touching short film in their own country, the high expressiveness of a limited number of words, and especially with the young main actress, Camilla Joann Daries, who stood in the spotlight of the evening alongside director Florian Schott and producer Andrew Botelle.


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