DHPS Big Walk 2018: Sporting Spirits on Dusty Farm Trails

One of the highlights on the school calendar of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) is the primary section's Big Walk, where parents, siblings, family and friends join our grade 1 to 6 learners on a 14 km-hike on farm “Aris".

This year again, on 23 June 2018, this proved to be a great event!
It finally started just before sunrise and numerous excited and energetic primary school learners made their way - after the 25th DHPS Big Walk 2018 was opened with the Olympic torch.
Currently everything revolves around sports at the DHPS - the opening of the new gym in April, as well as the imminent Sports Olympiad of German Schools Abroad in Southern Africa in September certainly are the outstanding events of this sporting year.

More than 600 primary school learners roamed on the dusty farm roads last Saturday, enjoyed the refreshments and the stalls en route, where they were offered oranges, drinks or rolls and indulged in the unusually mild temperatures. “Fortunately it was not that cold this time!” Bastian Guttzeit confirmed, who is an experienced "Big Walker” already and obviously welcomed the start that was postponed to 8 o’clock due to the cancellation of the wintertime.

This great day ended at the festive grounds with music, a cheerful atmosphere, great cakes and steak rolls.
The overall success of the DHPS Big Walk certainly must be attributed to committed parents, who tirelessly engage in the stalls, the auction, the organisation and execution of the Big Walk.

For parent Tanja Schmidt, one of the mothers responsible for the Big Walk stalls, it was “great to see what can be achieved when a community cooperates - and all for a good purpose".

An event like this would not be possible without many helping hands, sponsors and supporters. DHPS Windhoek says THANK YOU!


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