Day of Kindness at the DHPS: One tree, many leaves

“We all are leaves on a tree, not one like the other,
one is symmetrical, the other not, and yet equally important to the whole.”
(Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)

Grade 1 to 12 learners of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) expressed the theme of this year's motto day: “DHPS: one tree, many leaves".
On Friday, 30 June 2017, the popular motto day was held at the DHPS. All learners from grade 1 to 12, the teachers, kindergarten, pre-school and the entire DHPS-family participated in the day of kindness. On this special day, numerous activities were scheduled to strengthen the social skills and friendly coexistence of the learners. Everyone involved crafted leaves and key-rings, to implement the quote by Lessing as cited above.

The project group structured the activities of the individual classes in such way that the self-confidence of the learners was strengthened and their individuality was emphasized. Pupils learned that diversity as well as compassion form essential parts of life and that it is important to approach and deal with one another in a respectful and friendly way.

The varied implementation of the topic was impressive: From rap-songs on diversity and self-confident presentation on individual strengths through jointly designed class trees to trust- and team building games. In addition to good entertainment and loads of fun, especially mutual respect, friendly choice of words, empathy and a sense of community were promoted, which characterized the atmosphere all over the school premises and was reflected in many happy faces.

The kindergarten and pre-school, as well as grades 1 and 2 looked forward to the visit by "big” grade 7 and 8 learners for joint crafting of leaves, reading and games.

The complete work of art can be admired at the entrance area of the DHPS - the "DHPS-tree” with countless coloured leaves now symbolises the diverse faces of the school and underlines the importance of each individual and team spirit of all.

In order to ensure that the learned virtues like respect, friendliness and mutual care are further lived and to provide new impetus to the learners, there will be more motto days on topics like friendship and peace.

It was great to experience the great cohesion at the DHPS on this day and that every individual really is “an integral part of the big picture".

(Report: Tahnee Horenburg for the ‘Day of Kindness’- project group)


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