Congratulations to our talented DHPS-table tennis players


There are some great talents among our learners when it comes to table tennis:

Raica Coelho emerged the under 13 and under 15 Girls Champion at the recent Table Tennis Junior Championship held at the SKW Hall in June 2017. Raica had a sterling day adding to her two single Gold medals, also the Girls’ doubles Gold with Cecile Voigts and the Mixed doubles bronze with partner Patrick Beggs (DHPS). Patrick Beggs also took Gold in the Boys’ Double final.

Congratulations to all our table tennis players!

Girls under 13 Singles
1. Raica Coelho
2. Tayla Reese Tait

Girls under 15 Singles:
1. Raica Coelho
2. Janika Biederlack
3. Cecile Voigts & Tayla Tait

Girls under 18 Singles:
1. Reese Saunderson
2. Raica Coelho
3. Janika Biederlack & Tayla Reese Tait

Girls Doubles:
1. Raica Coelho & Cecile Voigts
2. Janika Biederlack & Tayla Tait
3. Sherley Groenewaldt & Vanessa-Mae Mouton (Dr. Lemmer High School)

Boys under 13 Singles:
1. Daneel van der Walt
2. Fortune Hashoongo
3. Maximilian Böck
4. Kiano Böhme

Boys under 15 Singles:
1. Daneel van der Walt
2. Fortune Hashoongo
3. Nathan Beukes & Maximilian Böck

Boys under 18 Singles:
1. Kean Tait
2. Patrick Beggs
3. Daneel & Tjaart van der Walt

Boys Doubles:
1. Kean Tait & Patrick Beggs
2. Tjaart & Daneel van der Walt
3. Fortune Hashoongo & Maximilian Böck

Mix Doubles:

1. Reese Saunderson & Daneel van der Walt
2. Janika Biederlack & Tjaart van der Walt
3. Raica Coelho & Patrick Beggs


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