Clear the ring! DHPS Kindergarten Circus Weeks

During our May holiday programme, the kindergarten was transformed into a colourful circus. The group rooms became circus rings, the children turned into artists, circus trainers, clowns, acrobats and circus animals.

In the first week, the kids enthusiastically designed costumes and practiced for the big circus show which was already scheduled for the next week on the festive grounds of the boarding school.

Eventually, on 23/05/2018, the circus director welcomed the audience and moderated a varied programme. Each group had prepared different performances and the spectators were thrilled by the funny clowns, the trained and wild animals, the magic tricks, stunning acrobats and dancers.

The performance was accoladed by sustained applause and many “Ohs” and “Ahs”.

We are extremely proud of our children who managed to present the audience with a very special animal show.


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