Blumfelde excursion: Teamwork - Orientation - Overcoming challenges

Each year, grade 8 learners at the DHPS go on an excursion to farm “Blumfelde” at the beginning of October.
What can they expect there? Hardly anyone knows that in advance! The only thing they know is that they have to walk a far distance to their first overnight site. However, this is not as tough as it seems, since the luggage is transported by car. Each group receives a compass and a map and must find the way independently. This requires team effort! Which group manages to find the place to stay overnight? Often, this is not so easy, but mostly the learners orient themselves quickly, manage to keep the group together and motivate the other group members. And of course, each group reaches the destination with great experiences and plenty to talk about. Blisters, sunburn and thirst - all this is soon forgotten.
After another 4 km, the groups arrive in Blumfelde and excitedly jump into the cool water or throw in their peers (or even teachers) who are afraid of water.
Each group cooks their own meals, which is carefully prepared and neatly packed in boxes by the Blumfelde staff. And if the meals do not always suit the taste of the learners, this teaches them to appreciate what they have in their everyday life.
The culinary highlight was definitely the “potjiekos competition". What a treat - and everything prepared by the learners themselves! The result was mouth-watering and the jury were spoilt for choice - and after 9 dishes (!) they were totally replete.
The learners put their skills to the test on an obstacle course and a mini Olympiad. Again, teamwork was required! Each group leader had his or her own impressive way of pushing the team to the finish line. It was stunning to see some learners conquer obstacles and overcome fears even though they did not believe they could.
We as teachers got to see a completely new side of our learners and were positively surprised by their team spirit and endurance.
Of course, also the teachers were a great team and Blumfelde is definitely worth a visit!

(Report: Carola Risser)


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