Abitur 2017: We bid our largest grade farewell

54 DHPS-learners advanced to a new, very special stage in life: They have successfully completed their Abitur and now start their “life after school".

In a total of 162 written and 112 oral exams, under DHPS subject teachers and Rolf Knieling, examination commissioner of the Standing Conference of Education Ministers of Hesse for schools abroad, the Abitur learners proved their knowledge - and mastered with flying colours: The total year average of 2.31 and several learners who achieved a ‘1’ in front of the decimal point, fills school management, the learners and their families with pride. Katharina von Seydlitz, a boarding school resident, performed best, accomplishing an average mark of 1.3.

However, the Abitur class of 2017 was not only special with regard to academics, but also from a personal point of view. “The learners are independent, polite and down-to-earth. They are simply great people.”, DHPS principal Kristin Eichholz enthuses.

Also DIAP coordinator, Ute Krause, is impressed with the young adults. Especially the significant number of Abitur learners, whose mother-tongue is not German (from Belgium, Spain and Namibia), testifies the success of our German language promotion and the opportunity of a multi-lingual school leaving certificate.

The interdisciplinary DIAP curriculum provides learners with an excellent academic foundation in the areas of language, natural sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics), social sciences (social/political studies, geography and history), mathematics and arts (visual arts & music).
This unique school programme promotes academic achievement, critical thinking and educates learners to become independent personalities.

The German international Abitur examination, offered in Namibia exclusively by the DHPS, opens international doors for Abitur learners. It is therefore not surprising, that soon the majority of our graduates will start (dual)-studies or an apprenticeship abroad.

We would like to congratulate our learners to their successfully completed Abitur, wish them all the best and good luck for their future.
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