A real Treasure Chest: Inauguration of the DHPS reading room

13 November 2019 was a very special day for the kindergarten, pre-school and language development department of the DHPS. Finally, the new reading room, called the “Schatzkiste” (treasure chest) was officially opened and inaugurated during a small ceremony.
From the first idea of a reading room to the opening, only 2 months have passed - this reflects the smooth and harmonious process and the excellent cooperation of all participants.

In this lovingly and comfortably designed room, various departments can now read aloud to the children, look at books with them and let their imagination run wild while telling stories.
“Regular reading to children and their natural handling of books in kindergarten and pre-school demonstrably leads to higher linguistic competence, better concentration, broader knowledge and encourages their imagination and creativity. We are convinced that we are laying an important foundation for the successful educational course of our children all the way until they graduate from school", says David Manthey, Language Promotion Coordinator of the DHPS.

The name “Schatzkiste”, the German word for "treasure chest", was no coincidence, of course, but was deliberately chosen. Discovering and exploring books and stories is a great enrichment, a real “treasure". The children are taught that books are little treasures, and thus precious, enriching and exciting.

Walt Disney already believed that there are “more treasures in books than pirate booty on a treasure island”- and now the kids of the DHPS kindergarten and pre-school can look forward to fascinating adventures.


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