A journey back to the Middle Ages

Classes 7c and 7d were given the task of building castles as part of the history lessons on the Middle Ages and the hierarchical society. On the basis of certain specifications - e.g. donjon, kennel, bower, palace and fountain had to be present, they carefully planned and diligently crafted individually or in the team.

In class, site plans were drawn up, which were transformed into impressive buildings during the May holidays. The learners presented their castles to the class and explained the construction methods and materials.

There were incredible works of art made of wood, metal, paper, cardboard and Lego. There were even edible castles built from cakes, biscuits and chocolate, which the classmates ate with great pleasure.
The feedback from the learners on this lesson was absolutely positive: Despite the time they spent building and planning the castles, they had a lot of fun and were thrilled by the great interest of their parents and families showed in the project.


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