A great deal of REESpect on the DHPS Day of Kindness

What does respect actually mean and why is respect so important when dealing with oneself, other people and the environment?

Kindergarten to grade 12 classes of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS), intensively dealt with this topic on their last school day before the May holidays (27 April 2018). Whether during class discussions or group work, by means of self-made pennants or brightly coloured armbands - the question was answered in many ways, even by Namibian singer Ees, who provoked a cheerful hustle and bustle in the everyday school life.

The reason for this invitation was not only his #itsup2us campaign, by which he expresses due respect to our environment and has some DHPS classes also participating in it, but also his motivational speech with the focus on respect for ones own body and other people: Only say things you really mean, do not take anything personally, make no assumptions and always do your best - Ees also shared his own 4 rules for respect with the older learners, which was a real inspiration for many children and teenagers.

Of course, the vocal performance of the Namibian Kwaito singer also formed part of his appearance, and learners sang along enthusiastically in the DHPS auditorium.
Without doubt, the message of the Namibian artist made a lasting impression on the children and teenagers and after his visit, the topic of respect was discussed in the classrooms and Ees could convince himself of the lesson outcomes. Learners reflected on the content of the action and wrote feedback letters to the artist, which they subsequently handed to him . Of course, for him - being a great role model for many learners because of his campaigns and actions - it is a great endorsement when the young people really take his words to heart and internalise his rules for respect.

Since 2012 already, the "Day of Kindness” is attributed special significance at the DHPS. A teacher working group prepares a total of 5 motto days each year to motivate learners to actively live important values in the school community and sustainably internalise them in their everyday school life.

Thank you for the motivating, musical visit!


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