2018 Grade 1's First Day at School: We welcome our long-awaited 2030 graduates

Colourful school cones and the flurry of camera flashes brightened up the school grounds of the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) on Wednesday, 24 January 2018. For 96 first graders, the big day had finally come: Eventually they could start their school career!

The grade 1s were warmly welcomed to the school community by Verena Dahmen, Head of the Primary Section and DHPS Principal Kristin Eichholz. Ms Eichholz emphasized the key concerns of the DHPS, namely the educational partnership, the parents’ trust and guiding the children though the ups and downs on their successful way.

With the first graders, the 2018 DHPS family is finally complete and every new learner, like a piece in a puzzle, took a place in the big picture, as lovingly illustrated by Pastor Christoph Höcht in his song.

Also the grade 2 learners – with the excitement of their first day at school a year ago still fresh in their minds – enthusiastically introduced the DHPS dress code to the newcomers in a fashion show. Of course, the choir of the primary section was also part of the event, welcoming the new fellow learners with the DHPS school song.

In addition to writing, maths and reading in the lessons, the grade 1s may look forward to the varied DHPS school life with interesting nature excursions, musical education and plenty of exercise in the brand new gym hall.

Traditionally, the grade 12 DHPS learners took the youngest schoolmates by the hand and accompanied them on their way to the classroom.

We are delighted, that our "2030 graduates” have eventually arrived and wish all grade 1s a great start to their school career.


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