Organisational Matters

Structure & Organisation

The DHPS is the only German school abroad in Namibia and one of more than 140 German schools worldwide. As an integrated school of encounter the DHPS offers a learning atmosphere which encourages children and young people of different cultural backgrounds and with different mother-tongues to cooperate and celebrate together and to respect other lifestyles.

Another objective of the DHPS is the promotion of the German language and to equip our learners – from kindergarten up to Grade 12 – with excellent education and perfect language skills. Not only German mother tongue children are educated at the DHPS, our learners speak English, French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Afrikaans, Oshivambo, Nama, Damara, Otjiherero, Rukwangali and many other languages at home.

Today the DHPS is one of the leading international schools in Namibia.

Our students: Currently 1150 children and young people are enrolled in the DHPS, from the baby group up to our Grade 12s.

Our teachers: Qualified teachers from Germany and Namibia educate and guide our learners.

School leaving certificates:

The DHPS offers students the possibility to choose between an international and a Namibian school leaving certificate:

German International Abitur (DIA)
After 12 years of school the learners can obtain the German International Abitur, a worldwide recognized international school leaving certificate which serves as an entrance to all the universities around the globe.

Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC)
Alternatively, we offer the Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate to our students the offer to obtain which is an entrance condition for the Namibian and South African universities.

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The School Board

The School Board

The school board of the DHPS, Deutscher Schulverein Windhoek (1949), is the managing body of the school.

Our Board members, consisting of DHPS parents, are among others topics responsible for strategic decisions, construction matters and the overall school budget. Focus is on close cooperation and active interaction with school management, the administration department and the heads of divisions, as well as with educators, parents’ representatives and learners’ representatives.

Do you consider having your name put up for the next school board elections?
Contact us - we look forward to your participation.

Members of the Executive Board

Your contact person(s)
Heilke Daun

Heilke Daun

Chairlady, advisor strategy - Vorsitzende, Referentin Strategie

Wolf-Dieter Wohlers

Wolf-Dieter Wohlers

Advisor personnel, Advisor AGDS/DKR - Personalreferent, Vertreter AGDS/Kulturrat

Barbara Erdt

Barbara Erdt

Co-advisor PR, Co-advisor construction - Ko-Referentin Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Ko-Referentin Baufragen

Hubertus Hamm

Hubertus Hamm

Co-advisor personnel, strategy advisor - Ko-Referent Personal, Referent Strategie

Thorsten Mai

Thorsten Mai

Co-advisor finances - Ko-Referent Finanzen

Victoria Voigts

Victoria Voigts

Advisor Boarding school - Referentin Internat

Leana  Theunissen

Leana Theunissen

Co-advisor finances & boarding school- Ko-Referentin Finanzen & Internat

Roland Gerdes

Roland Gerdes

Advisor construction - Baureferent

Christophine Nangolo

Christophine Nangolo

Co-advisor Public relations - Ko-Referentin Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

School Management

School Management

Each good school is led by personalities who promote it.

Get to know the school management - our DHPS - "leaders":
Your contact person(s)
Carola  von Blottnitz

Carola von Blottnitz

Leitung: Englischsprachige Mittelstufe - Head: English Junior Secondary Section

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 137

Conni Hecht

Conni Hecht

Leitung der Klassen 1-4 - Head of grades 1-4

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 139

Katharina Kessel

Katharina Kessel

PQM-Koordinatorin / Coordinator: School development

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 156

Rainer Otte

Rainer Otte

Leitung: deutschsprachige Mittelstufe - Head: German Junior Secondary Section

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 123

Xenia Pieterse

Xenia Pieterse

NSSC-Koordinatorin - NSSC Coordinator

Tel: +264 (0)61 373 133

Kristin Eichholz

Kristin Eichholz

Schulleiterin - Principal

Carsten Osthus

Carsten Osthus

Stv. Schulleiter - Vice Principal

School Administration

School Administration

Lessons naturally are the core-activity of a school!

But in order to have lessons and many other things run smoothly at the DHPS, the administration team of the DHPS provides important support behind the scenes:
Please do not hesitate to approach us, we will gladly assist all teachers, staff, learners, parents, interested persons, as well as the school board and external requests.

Opening hours: Administration department

morning afternoon
Mo 6h45 - 13h30 13h30 - 16h00
Tues/Fr 6h45 - 13h30 Closed

We are available telephonically on Monday-Friday from 7h00 to 16h00:
Tel. +264 (0) 61 – 373 145

Your contact person(s)
Karl Stigler

Karl Stigler

Head of Administration

Admission & Fees

We are aware of the fact, that choosing the right school is an important decision - both for your child and for you.

It is, therefore, important to us and to our educational Heads of Departments, to provide advice in a personal interview and invite you to a school tour to give you insight into school life at DHPS.

You have already decided on the DHPS? We look forward to welcome you!

Please find everything you will need here:

For more information on our departments:

School fees:

Forms and information:

A complete application must include:

  • Payment options form
  • Completed registration form
  • Processing fee of N$ 500 (2018)
  • Previous three year's reports
  • Vaccination reports
  • "Indemnity Form"
  • Recommendation form
  • Payment options form
  • Copies of ID/Passport/(if applicable study permit)
  • Birth certificate
  • For guardians: a clearance certificate

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Our school canteen provides hot meals for our boarders, kindergarten- and pre-school kids. However, by prior arrangement everybody is welcome to have a meal at the school kiosk for a fee of 55 N$.

The school kiosk offers a delicious lunch for all hungry learners, parents and staff members from Monday to Friday.
Even during break time our learners can regain their strength with healthy mueslis, fresh fruit, Brezels, sandwiches and soft drinks at the tug shop.

Find the current lunch menu here:

School kiosk offer:

+++ Current specials!! +++

Did you know that you can order “take aways” at the school kiosk?
Please contact the canteen-team at: Tel. +264 (0) 61 – 373 109

DHPS - School shop

DHPS - School shop

As for all Namibian schools, it is compulsory for DHPS learners from Grade 1 onward to wear the DHPS school uniform.

We look forward to welcome you at our school shop:

The school shop will be open Mo – Wed from 6:45 – 13:30 and 14:30 – 15h00 upon request. Please contact Ms Zeise at the administration department.

The school shop is open during the holidays on 01., 02. and 03.07. from 7h00 – 13:30 upon request at admin department (Ms Zeise).

The school shop will be closed for inventory on the following days:
  • t.b.a.

+++++ NEWS +++++
  • New fleece jackets sizes 22 – 32 are available as from 01.07. for N$ 250.00.

Find information on the complete DHPS-dress code here:

School uniform
CLEARANCE SALE!! Up to 50 % off school wear!

School Calendar

School Calendar

We have pleasure in learning together, to devote ourselves to exciting projects and sports competitions and to celebrate with each other.

Keep updated on current school events - our school calendar provides an overview!

From time to time learners will have to attend school on Saturdays. Information on compulsory school days and much needed holidays is provided in the holiday schedule for 2019.

Here are the important dates of all departments:

Vacancies & Internships

Vacancies & Internships

"Getting together is a start. Sticking together is progress. Working together is success." (Henry Ford)

To enhance our dedicated DHPS-team we constantly look for new colleagues.

Whether as a teacher, educator, administration employee or intern – there are diverse, varied and multi-cultural tasks and possibilities at a German school abroad.

Maybe there is something for you?
You would like to work with us? Please find our employment opportunities here.

Haven´t found what you were looking for? Please do not hesitate to send us your unsolicited application to
DHPS Stellenanzeige: Lehrkraft Deutsch als Muttersprache (DaF) - DHPS Vacancy: Teacher German (Mother tongue)
Internship in teaching profession
  • Currently there are no vacant internship positions available in our primary or secondary school.
  • Internship period: 6-12 months

What would we expect from you:

  • Applicants should already have started with their teaching studies and ideally have gained their first practical experience in lesson preparation and design.
  • Generally, all students with any subject combination can apply.
  • For an internship in the secondary level, sound English reading and writing skills are required.
  • Please remember: at the DHPS, subjects like chemistry, biology, mathematics are taught in English as from grade 10.
  • Voluntary practicals are possible before the internship.
  • Accommodation is provided by the school: meals and accommodation free of charge during school time.
Please send a complete written application with details on your studies and current level of education to:
Internship at the Child & Youth Centre of the DHPS

  • Applications for internships from September 2020 are welcome.

Information on an internship at the DHPS Child & Youth Centre

Type of internship:
  • Voluntary internship
  • Recognition year (educator studies, etc.)
Internship period:
  • 6-12 months
  • Start of internship: 1 February or 1 August
Area of employment:
  • Supervision and support of children in the afternoon
  • Lunch with the children
  • Planning and implementation of leisure activities
  • Homework supervision and -support
  • Preparation of and assistance in the holiday programme
  • Assistance in communication with parents

Please send inquiries and applications to the following address:
Internship at the DHPS boarding school
  • Applications for internships from February 2020 are welcome
Information on the DHPS boarding school:
Type of internship:
  • Voluntary internship
  • Compulsory internship for social professions (preferably educators/ social pedagogy)
Internship period:
  • 6 or 12 months
  • Start of internship: 1 February or 1 August
Area of employment:
  • Supervision and support of learners at the boarding school, especially in the educational and social areas
  • Support of learners in achieving their educational goals, e.g.
  • homework supervision
  • Guidance of boarding school learners with regard to development
  • Support in development of motor skills especially with regard to active physical movement
Please send inquiries and applications to the following address:
Internship: DHPS language promotion

  • Applications for internships from February 2020 are welcome.

Information on language promotion at the DHPS:

Namibia is a country characterised by multilingualism and a wide variety of cultures. The DHPS, as a German school abroad, therefore promotes German as foreign-, or second-/third- or fourth language and particularly as a mother tongue. Promotion in single- and/or group settings starts in kindergarten and is continued especially in pre-school and the primary section. Acquisition of written language in grade 1 poses a particular challenge on learners, who do not grow up in a German environment. In this regard, language promotion also faces special requirements.

What we expect from you:
  • We are looking for committed students/graduates, preferably of the elementary school sector, ideally with DaF/DiDaZ.
  • Preferably, but not a prerequisite, practical experience in the work with the language promotion programme KonLab.

Internship in language promotion:
Type of internship:
  • Voluntary internship
  • Internship period: 6 or 12 months
  • Start of internship: 1 February or 1 August
Area of employment:
  • Language promotion in the DaF and DiDaZ section of the kindergarten and pre-school (in the mornings) and the primary school (grades 1 and 2)
  • Support in daily routine and in special events, like celebrations and excursions
  • Participation and co-responsibility in designing the afternoon- and holiday programme

Please send inquiries and applications to the following address:
Internship in the area of inclusion at the DHPS
  • Applications for internships from March 2020 are welcome.
Information on inclusion at the DHPS:
Our school is a German-Namibian school of encounter. Therefore not only multilingualism and a great variety of cultures are in focus, but also the topic of inclusion is important to us. The DHPS as a German school abroad thus encourages e.g. so-called learning-companionship.

The tasks include:
  • Accompanying learners during the lessons in the main subjects
  • Assistance in copying from the Smart board and composing own texts
  • Assistance in completion of tasks during lessons
What we expect from you:
  • Commitment and enthusiasm for working with children • Patience and empathy
  • German at a native speaker level, good English skills are an advantage
Internship in inclusion:
  • Type of internship: Voluntary internship
  • Internship period: 6 - 12 months
  • Start of internship: 1 February or 1 August
Area of employment:
  • Internship in the field of inclusion
  • Support in daily routine and in the classroom
Please send inquiries and applications to the following address:
First of all we would like to compliment you on your application or your internship at the DHPS Windhoek.

This guideline helps you to plan your stay in Namibia and to make the first steps in this beautiful country a bit easier.
(This guideline has been written from interns for interns.)

Guideline for interns at DHPS

Important information on visa application
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